455 Oldsmobile

It seems this month is Oldsmobile month at the shop! We started with a stock block and rotating assembly and added a Comp Hydraulic Cam, Edelbrock Heads and Intake, and a Holley 770 Brawler Carburetor. On the Engine Dyno this Olds made 410 HP & 511 TQ.

350 Oldsmobile

We started with a stock 350 Olds engine which produced 180 HP with 275 TQ 8:1 compression. We installed flat top pistons and a solid flat tappet Crane cam. Then we added Olds 455 heads with some mild porting. Topped it off with a Edelbrock intake and Holley 670 Brawler carburetor. At 9.5:1 compression this

RUSH Racing Engine

CJ Rombold Engine Builders is a certified re-builder for the RUSH Racing Series. These engines are built to spec to conform with the series rules and regulations. Each engine is tagged and numbered to the car. This engine is for the modified division.

Pontiac GTO 389

Today we thought we would show a few before and after pictures of this 1966 GTO 389. This engine originally had a Tri-power carburetor set up. One way to tell is to look for a dimple on the back of the water pump. This was done so that the Tri-power manifold would have clearance. The

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