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383 Supercharged

We are building this engine for a good customer of ours for a 57 Chevy street car. We started with a Dart Block and added a Scat Rotating Assembly. Next is a Crower Hydraulic Roller Cam and a set of Brodix Heads top that off with a B & M 471 Supercharger and get ready

Chevrolet 427

This 427 Chevy was rebuilt using Pro-Filer Heads, Crower Solid Roller Cam, and a Brawler 850 Carburetor. We will try to post Dyno numbers soon! Thanks for checking in!

Not Stock 292

Stock these 292 Chevrolet six cylinders had 8 to 1 compression and made around 147 HP. We bumped up the compression to 10 to 1 and added a few go fast items. Custom forged pistons, Crower custom cam, ported cylinder head, Offenhauser intake, 600 Brawler carburetor, custom header, and an electronic ignition just to name

1950 Ford Flathead

This 1950 Ford Flathead is in for a stock rebuild. In 1950 the Ford Flathead was 239 CI and had a 3.750 stroke and made 100 HP. The Mercury Flathead was 255 CI with 4.000 stroke and made 110 HP. In the early days of Hot Rodding some builders would use the Mercury crankshaft in

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