Breaking News!

Starting early 2020 CJ Rombold Engine Builders will be building Crate Engines for sale. All engines will be built with the best parts available and Dyno tested. These engines will come with dyno and parts sheets. The shop will start out building 350 and LS Chevy engines. So if your looking to do an LS

Pontiac 428 Build

This 428 will be heading to final assembly and dyno pulls soon. This is a pump gas cast iron block engine with Edelbrock heads and intake with Eagle rods and forged pistons. Check back for updates.

Ford 427 Small Block

Our favorite Snap-on man Rick Waltz is having us build a all new 427 small block featuring a Dart Block and AFR Heads. Stay tuned for more on this build as it will be heading for the Engine Dyno soon!

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