Pontiac GTO 389

Today we thought we would show a few before and after pictures of this 1966 GTO 389. This engine originally had a Tri-power carburetor set up. One way to tell is to look for a dimple on the back of the water pump. This was done so that the Tri-power manifold would have clearance. The

Another Day, Another Big Block!

Here at the shop engines seem to come in runs! The last month or so we have been buildingĀ  a lot of Big Block Chevrolet’s. This 454 is what we call a stock rebuild which means stock bore, stock heads, stock crankshaft and rods. With these builds we usually do a small camshaft and intake

Big Block 396 Resto Build

This 396 ci Big Block Chevrolet was brought back to stock specs with a few small upgrades which include carburetor, intake, and a cam. Stock these engines were around 375 HP and 410 TQ and were built from 1965 until 1969. In 1970 even though cars had a 396 badge they were actually 402 ci.

1954 Willys Jeep Rebuild

This Willys Jeep F Head came into the shop for a full restoration to stock specs. This is a unique engine because half of the valves are in the block and half are in the head. Check us out for all your restoration needs!

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