Before the 340 there was the 273. These were available in Darts, Chargers, and Barracudas as well as other models. This one came to the shop for a stock rebuild. Most came with a two barrel carburetor but this one has a four barrel manifold. We swapped the Carter AFB 480 for a Edelbrock 600.

429 Super Cobra Jet

This 429 was brought in for a stock rebuild and will be up on the engine dyno next week. We are hoping for 400 HP. Check out the video on our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/CJRomboldEngines/.

Ford 302

Our shop rebuilt the bottom end on this 302. The customer built the top end and then brought it to us for engine dyno break in and to check for leaks. This engine will be equipped with a PowerDyne super charger and installed in a 1992 fox body Mustang.

469 Big Block Blower Engine

This Big Block Chevy made 809 HP and 714 TQ with 10 lbs of boost and two Holley 650 carburetors. The customer is installing an injection system which should put this 469 CI over 1000 HP. This is a Bow Tie block with Brodix heads and a Weiand 871 Blower. Check out our engine dyno

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