466 Big Block Chevrolet

This BBC made 495 HP & 512 TQ on pump gas! A hydraulic flat tappet cam, Edelbrock intake, and a Holley carburetor were some of the modifications. Check us out on Facebook!

Corvette Convertible

This great looking driver was brought in by the customer for a new 600 Edelbrock carburetor, an electronic pickup for the distributor, new plugs and wires. This will make this 283 CI four speed car perform better and be more reliable. Schedule your car today!

Olds Rebuild

Customer brought this engine in because of a noise. Turns out it had a case of piston slap. It is now a 495 CI with a Edelbrock  Intake, Quick Fuel Carburetor, Mild Hydraulic Cam, and Stock Heads. On the Engine Dyno it made 417 HP and 540 LBS TQ.

484 Stroker Hemi

You may not know but people come in and rent our Engine Dyno to test builds or an engine purchase. This way the customer knows all is well before installation. This MOPAR Hemi is such an example. This engine was built by someone else and the owner wanted to check for leaks and performance before

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