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427 CI Blower Engine

This little number is being installed into a Hot Rod Coupe and made 680 HP & 650 TQ @ 6 lbs of boost on pump gas. Parts include a Dart Block, Scat Rotating Assembly, Erson Roller Cam, Liberty Heads, Weiand 671 Blower, And two Brawler 650 Carbs. See the video on our Facebook page!

416 CI LS for Drag Week 2024

The owner was shooting for Drag Week 2023 but a back ordered transmission brought this year to a halt! This LS has a Forged Rotating Assembly, 13 : 1 Compression, Comp Cam, and Liberty Heads. The engine will be in a 2006 GMC Pickup for Drag Week 2024. Check out our Facebook page and see

505 Big Block Chevrolet

This Big Block has a Scat Rotating Assembly, Comp Solid Lifter Cam, GM Rectangular Heads, Team G Weiand Intake, and a 1050 Holley Dominator  Carburetor. This 505 made 705 HP & 630 TQ.

1966 HEMI

This 1966 Chrysler HEMI came in for a stock restoration. We did add a mild cam in the process and yes those are stock Carter AFB 625 cfm carburetors. The owner has ordered new exhaust manifolds as part of the restoration. During break in pulls this 426 made over 425 HP & 467 TQ @

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