400 Pontiac Small Block Restore

This Pontiac 400 is in for a total restore. The white powder is what happens when you leave antifreeze in an engine without use for a long period of time. The block was full of sludge as well. After disassembly the block will be put in the wash and inspected for damage.

Internet Purchase

Our customer purchased this 454 from the internet as a brand new total rebuild. Turns out it was just an old worn out truck engine. We are now doing that new total rebuild with forged pistons and a small cam. Please be careful out there and always try to hear the engine run before you

427 Snap-on man Rick Waltz Dyno Numbers

Well while our favorite Snap-on man was out hunting we decided to Dyno his new engine and send him a video to show him what he was missing at our shop which was 598 HP and 558 LBS of TQ. Not bad for a pump gas engine. I think Rick and his Mustang will both

Cadillac CTS Update

The Cadillac CTS that was in for a Dyno Tune after a Magnuson Supercharger was installed produced 605 HP and 660 LBS of TQ at the rear wheels. That will make grocery shopping fun!!!

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